Netlog – Network Scan and Logging

Network Scan Netlog PC Hardware software scan License handling
RegitWise Netlog with license management, hardware inventory and inventory management (This license up to 100 pc scan, additional scanning can be purchased later)

Hardware Inventory
With RegitWise network inventory scanning clients and servers using WMI. No installation occurs on the client. This facilitates the implementation and maintenance if RegitWise network inventory.

Software Inventory
RegitWise Netlog network inventory gives you an overview of installed programs on clients and servers on the network, With an intuitive interface you can easily find what you need.

The Log software scans all installed software, which can be traced to each individual user. This makes it possible to optimize the use of the organization’s user licenses – it is just as important to pay for what you use as it is not to pay for more than what you need.

The Log software also provides the organization with the possibility to remove illegally installed software, which for instance have been downloaded from the internet.