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Established in the year 1953, Rahmqvist Group is the parent company to RIW Software Technology. We are known for supplying office products to the companies of Sweden. All the products provided by RIW Software Technology are customer oriented and easily accessible.
We strive to provide the best possible support system with an efficient developers’ team who deliver user friendly and efficient products to the customers and are always available to resolves any queries our customers might have. These experiences and our well known customer chain motivates us to perform and excel in various fields like sales and marketing, website developing, etc.


Satisfying and fulfilling all the needs and requirements of our customers is what we have achieved in all our products and we will continue doing so in the coming future. Reliable services, easily understandable products and great support services are our main goals. We trust in the quote “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectation is to know those expectations” and attempt to achieve it to our best degree.

Supplier’s duty

Products provided by RIW Software are eco friendly and economical. Since the year 1999 The Rahmqvist Group is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 1400. Under the quality and environment aspect, our products have been declared of excellent quality concentrating on the environmental issues.

RIW Software Technology

  • We provide a secure and stable environment to make our systems to always work at highest possible performance.
  • Trustworthy, reliable and well built softwares.
  • We provide systems used by thousands of people all over the world: Visitlog, Bookitwise, RegitWise Helpdesk, Easyapp and RegitArt to help streamline the work for our customers.
  • We always aim to maintain the highest of quality in all our products and continue to develop new softwares.
  • We always aim to handle the support of our products for our customers efficiently and speedy.
  • Specialists in asset management, visitor registration and network inventory.
  • Open System Solution

Vision & Mission

Enhance current services and influence future growth and development.

Happy and satisfied customers.

Quality products and excellent customer service.

Our Valuable Partners


Call us on : +46(0)8344665 or Email us on : info@riwsoftware.com

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