Customer-Oriented Conference Room Booking System

Room Booking System

Key Feature of Room Booking System

  • Great Cost Saving
  • Real-time operation
  • Integrated with Visitlog
  • Complete Suite of Services
  • Meeting Room Door Signage
  • MS Outlook & MS Exchange Integration

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Room Booking System

BookitWise Room Booking System is an innovative framework which allows the users to make bookings of rooms which also includes meeting rooms, conference rooms, catering and other resources. This software is developed for all the enterprises who wants to maintain a professional environment to conduct important meetings with their esteemed clients.

BookitWise allows online bookings and this software is also accessible on mobile devices. Bookitwise software is also integrated with Visitlog Visitor Management System which will maintain the details of the guests once they enter the premises to attend the meeting.

conference room booking system
Room Reservation System Bookitwise

Room Reservation System

Room Reservation feature of BookitWise allows the users to get information about the number of rooms vacant and also what amenities will be provided with the room. This is a time-saving feature because it helps in quick booking because all the required information is conveniently provided during the time of booking.

  • Meeting Room Reservation: – As mentioned above, Our Room Reservation System allows the users to make bookings for meeting rooms with all the facilities that a corporate meeting requires.
  • Resource Reservation: – Various resources which are needed by the client like video conferencing, projectors can be booked using Resources reservation system.
  • Integrated with VisitLog: – VisitLog is a visitor management system which maintains the records of all the visitors who enter the premises.

Bookitwise Instant

BookitWise Instant is a digital room door signage which has all the information about the available rooms for booking. This feature will avoid any hassle because all the correct information is displayed very systematically on this door signage.

  • Automatic updation of Room’s status: – The availability of the rooms booked by the host for a particular time could be checked because BookitWise Instant immediately updates the status of the room when the guests checks out.
  • Real Time Operations: – The main purpose of designing Bookitwise instant was to save time and make the task of the work forces easier. Users/Customers can book rooms within no time.
  • Flexible & easy implementation: – BookitWise could be easily accessible by any individual of the organization and is designed in such a manner that the host can customize the guest list and update the same, whenever required.

meeting room door signage
Mobile room booking system

Mobile Room Booking System

Mobile Room Booking System allows the users to make reservations through mobile device without downloading an application. This makes it a lot easier and quick for the users to book rooms and resources.

  • Latest Technology: – These days, everything could be done using mobile device, hence, BookitWise is designed keeping in mind the latest technology.
  • Effective Planning: – With Mobile Room Booking System, the host has all the details saved in his or her mobile device and that would allow the user to do proper planning of the meeting that he or she wish to conduct.
  • Stable & Secure: – With this feature of BookitWise, the users has all the data saved in their mobile device which could be quickly referred to in case of any uncertainty.

BookitWise Overview

BookitWise Overview System is designed to guide the visitors about the rooms reserved as well as the rooms available. This is a sort of Information overview system which makes it easy for the guests to make reservations as per their requirements. BookitWise Overview System is integrated with the conference reservation system through which guests could also reserve the conference & meeting rooms for conducting the meetings with esteemed clients.​

conference reservation system BookitWise overview

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