Visitor Management System

Visitlog – Visitor Management System

Visitlog is a Visitor Management System which is developed to maintain the visitors’ data virtually and record the details of people visiting the company premises. This could be said as a modern method of maintaining visitors’ records and it ultimately reduces the workload from the receptionist allowing him/ her to focus efficiently on other important administrative tasks of the company.

  • Visitor Registration
  • Visitor Management
  • Hardware Package

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RegitWise Service Desk – HelpDesk

Just as the name says, RIW Help Desk is a type of solution guide for any problems and errors that the users faces using a particular software. The solutions of the errors resolved are all saved as history for future references. RIW Helpdesk Software also handles the case management & IT Project management onsite as well as offsite.

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RIW helpdesk servicedesk system software

Fixed Asset Management Software

RegitArt – Asset Management System

RegitArt is the software that is designed so innovatively for art galleries, where, the record of all the artworks of the gallery is maintained in the system. RegitArt is developed keeping in mind the significance of the creative artworks that an art gallery owns. This software is so effectively developed that it could be accessed on other gadgets like iPads, mobile devices, MACs, etc.RegitArt helps in smooth functioning of the artistry, where, the records of the artworks sold or given on credit could be so effectively maintained.

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Bookitwise – Room Booking System

BookitWise is a software which very well follows the modern approach of working virtually. This software is developed for the users for quick reservation of meeting rooms, conference rooms and other resources according to their requirements. Resources like catering, equipments for video conferencing, internet facility, etc could be reserved as demanded by clients.BookitWise is a user friendly software and is also integrated with Visitlog Visitor Management System which will record the details of the visitors entering the premises.

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BookitWise Room Booking Software

CBSecurepass – Student, Staff and Visitor Management

Student, Staff and Visitor Management System
CBSecurepass is a highly trusted and reliable visitor and staff management system suitable for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.
Our system simplifies the process of signing in visitors whilst replacing traditional, paper-based visitor books often found on most reception desks. Customised visitor passes with visitor photos are printed once the visitor electronically signs in, with the information provided securely captured and stored.

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