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Fixed Asset Management Software

Key Feature of Art World

  • Sales Documents
  • Web-based Application
  • iPad & Mobile Application
  • Contact Sets & Excel Format
  • Artwork Edition Code & Price
  • Accessible on Personal Computers and Mac

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Regit Art – Asset Management System

The tedious and troublesome work of managing a list of art gained, sold and requested can be done efficiently by Regit art system of RIW Software Technology. It is particularly devised and made for the art galleries in Sweden. Considering the latest technologies utilized and consumed and also the current market, Regit Art was developed to ensure that the world of art is provided with better management frameworks.

Fixed Asset Management System
regitart fixed assets managment

Key features

  • An accurate statement of all the sales done by the gallery is maintained.
  • Contact details of all the clients employees, suppliers or any other work force related to the organization are handled here. RegitArt also provides a facility of importing previously used excel sheet data.
  • Information with respect to art work like price, barcode, year of creation and so on can also be stored in this system.
  • As the main goal of RIW software is to go with the trend, it has ensured that RegitArt works on iPads and mobile devices.
  • For security reasons, all the art work is assigned a unique identification code so that they can be tracked easily, whenever required.
  • RegitArt can also be used on Pc and Mac without the need to install the software.
  • RegitArt has the features like RFID & Theft Marking which will trace the artwork in case of lost or stolen.

Secure Theft Marking System

  • Theft Marking is all about taking all the records of the assets of the company and maintaining them effectively.
  • With this feature, the movements of the assets are tracked which makes it easy for an individual to know the whereabouts of the same.
  • Theft Marking also allows the user to know about the stock available with the company.
  • It also enables the user to check in case of shortage of any asset.

theft marking regitart

rfid regitart

Powerful Radio frequency identification

  • In established companies, identity tags are assigned to the assets. These identity tags could be used to track the assets owned by the company.
  • RFID is an important feature since this ensures safety & security of investments of the company.
  • RFID technique will help the user to identify multiple tags at a time, hence, it is impactful yet time-saving.

Flexible Bar-code Reader

Few companies assigns unique identity code to the assets they own. Bar-code Reader is a easy, simple and user-friendly feature of RegitArt which will accept new entries flexibly and maintain the record of the same. This could also be amalgamated with scanner and other technology as per company’s requirements to give out the best output.
With Bar-code Reader, tracing of assets is time-saving and also it assures the user about the security of the assets.

regitart barcode

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