All You Need To Know About Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Key Feature of Visitor Management System

  • Pre-Registration
  • Self-Registration
  • Print Label & Badges
  • Emergency Visitor List
  • Customization of Screen
  • Tracking & Reporting of Visitor’s

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Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is developed to approach the modern method of maintaining records of people visiting the company premises. The traditional method of maintaining visitors’ records was done through manual entry of data in the register, which makes it a very tedious task for the receptionist. To overcome this drawback, VisitLog was designed by RIW Software Technology.

Functionalities of Visitlog

  • Visitor Management System
  • Visitor Registration System
  • Hardware Packages

Visitor Registration System

Self Registration System

Manually filling up all the data and information of the clients is a very time-consuming task. Managing all these documents is a difficult thing and it is not alway very reliable. Using VisitLog visitors registration system, maintaining data becomes easy and time-saving. At the same time, security of data is maintained and this type of system is more reliable too.

  • Recording and Reporting Visitors Information:- Visitors who enter the premises have to feed their data into the system. This data is well maintained and is kept securely for future use. Visitors are provided with an identification badge which allows them to enter the premises.
  • Customers Freedom:- It is possible that diverse users may have varied needs and necessities. If a user/customer wants to alter his guest list or redo access given to certain visitor, he or she can easily do so utilizing the information stored in the system.

Customization of Visitlog

With Visitlog visitor management system, handling of pre-scheduled, as well as post-scheduled visits becomes easy. All the activities and status of the visits are displayed in visitor management system screen and is updated on timely basis.

  • Facing an Emergency:- Manager or any such higher authority has access to all the details of the visitors in case of emergency. This emergency list contains the name of the Host Company and name of the hosts as well as emergency contacts in case of any natural disasters or any such happenings. The host companies can also be notified regarding the crisis by using the notification facility of this system.
  • Execute Checkouts:- VisitLog visitor system provides a very effective feature of notifying the receptionist or managers or the managing staff regarding the status of the visitor i.e whether he/she has checked out of the system successfully or not. If it is not done by the visitors due to some reason then provision for the host to check out of the system for those particular visitor/guests is given by Visitlog.

Visitor Registration Software
Visitor Management System

Hardware & Software

Os Requirement

  • Window Xp\Window 7\Window server 2003/2008
  • IIS Requirement
  • IIS6\IIS7
  • Browser Requirement
  • IE 7 Or Higher Version(IE6 is Not Tested)
  • Mozilla Firefox

Sql Server Requirement

  • Sql server 2005 or Higher Version
  • .Net Framework
  • .net Framework 4.0
  • .net Framework 3.5 Sp1

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