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Servicedesk Software

Key Feature of RIW ServiceDesk

  • ITIL Ready
  • Assets Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Inventory Management

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RegitWise Service Desk Software -HelpDesk System

RIW Service Desk is a resource developed by RIW Software Technology to satisfy the customers with reliable solutions when they face any issue while working with the software of RIW Software Technology.
  • Change management can be handled easily.
  • Proper track records of the incidents occurred are kept for future reference.
  • Easy, quick and adaptable solutions are provided for the problems faced by employees of any department.
  • Company or the clients do not have to worry about Asset management, because RIW Help Desk will effectively maintain all the records.
  • Complicated queries that arise are solved easily by using help desk, which is also known as Case Management.

Servicedesk System
Helpdesk Software

ITIL Service Management

Another important and latest gimmick that HelpDesk provides is ITIL service. ITIL is a set of procedure for IT service management that focuses on making IT services work in parallel with the needs and requirements of business. ITIL is a combination of best practices taken from public and private sectors internationally.

Incident Management System

RIW Help Desk provides a feature of Incident Management where the activities of the organization are described to analyze, identify and rectify the errors occurring to prevent re-occurrence of these incidents in future. Incidents that occurred are reported and assigned to technicians so that appropriate solutions are reached & working of an organization is not disturbed.

incident management riw Helpdesk Software

asset tracking management

Asset Management System

Asset management System is an important feature that RIW Software provides. It helps you in finding out the exact location of the asset. Hence, with Asset Management, optimum use of resources will be done. Due to asset management, security of the assets can be kept as a proper detailed track record of all the assets can be kept. If assets are managed properly then an organization would not miss the opportunities and hence the growth of the company will not be hindered.

Change Management System

With new inventions, changes are bound to happen. Managing & accepting these changes determines the flexibility of an organization. Change Management Module will check that the changes made doesn’t affect the working of an organization.
Benefits of change management:

  • Customer evolving needs are satisfied on time.
  • Efficiency increases which will lead to the growth of the companies.
  • Change management will allow the company to face the competition strongly.
  • Increased Return On Investment (ROI), if planned changes are made.

change management riw Helpdesk System

problem management riw helpdesk

Problem Management System

The main goal of problem management in RIW Help desk is to minimize the impact of problems on the organizations and improve its productivity. It basically manages the entire life cycle of all the problems. It plays an important role in identifying a problems and errors and to find a work around for them and prevent their re occurrence. Errors and incidents are resolved more quickly and hence resources are saved.

Solution Management System

A solution is nothing but a quick fix that our help desk provides for the problems faced by the clients. An instantaneous clear and adaptable solution is what is expected by the client and which is given by RIW help desk. A proper explanation and a work around are given by the technicians and details for the solution of the problems are provided and recorded for future use. Whenever the problem or error re occurs solution is fetched from the records to increase efficiency and to provide better services and support to the clients.

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